Lord Fletcher's

Lake Minnetonka, Minnesota - August 28th, 2004

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waitin for a ride

princess bonnie

where is a squirrel

finger control of bonnie

we are ready

am i going

i smell squirrel

let me at em

just block the road

the warf

waiting for drinks

do you think mark heard

havin drinks


hummm...a boat

let me dream

okay in that dream...

is this how you dream

let me call for a dream

the outside

rosie is here

now about that boat

rosie with light

rosie and adam

enough pictures already




the band

where is he

what are you ordering

placemat ecu

and this little piggy

pan fried walleye cakes

mozzarella tomato salad

the dinning room

two lobster tails

fillet mignon

pork tenderloin normandy

lobster and fillet mignon

grilled swordfish

king crab and fillet mignon

prime rib

dessert tray

placemat ws

dinning room

i lost my head

a little port

the check

enough pictures

dam paparazzi

oh mark

bye bye

tah tah

tell me a story

alright already

Copyright © 2004 Greg Mattern